Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Continuity for makeup

Continuity ensures everything is seamless appearing together in a movie or tv show. Makeup consultations are for continuity it is also important for matters such as allergies, makeup plans, and makeup tests. Makeup needs to be consistent every day as many movies/tv shows are filmed over long periods of time. There is at least one person employed on a set for overall continuity but each department is also responsible for their own continuity, such as the makeup department must take care of makeup continuity and the sound department ensure all sound continuity etc. For the makeup department and the costume department, they will run on set in-between takes to ensure everything is correct so if some lipstick has rubbed off a bit they will refill in the color or if one hand was in a pocket a moment ago in the scene the same hand must go in the same pocket again.

Sometimes the client isn't always the one being consulted. Designers for shows or directors can be consulted on how they want certain looks/characters to be. Sometimes these consultations can be often over the course of filming so months or years. So continuity books are always kept.

All information and facts from Sarah Hobson of Hugh Baird university.

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